FBS Spotlight with Forbes Small Giants​ – Ownership DNA​

Jun 25, 2018 Michael Wurzer

We recently had the opportunity to participate with the Forbes Small Giants community to share some insightabout our journey as a 100% employee-owned company.  While we frequently mention our 100% employee-owned business model throughout our various marketing methods and channels, it’s been echoed back to us from our client-partners as a meaningful, valuable difference felt in our approach to relationships, collaboration, problem-solving, and service. Earning that personal feedback is the highest honor; human validation of customer happiness to accompany our unrivaled market-share growth and an incredible +99% client retention rate.

Speaking of retention, our employee retention rate since becoming a 100% employee-owned company 13+ years ago is +96% (amidst a 219% headcount increase during the same time frame). That’s a key factor in the stand-out, long-term, trusting partnerships we forge with client-partners and Flexmls software subscribers alike. The kind of longevity we have here at FBS fosters highly knowledgeable, well-seasoned professionals across all departments and teams. Employee-owners are always willing to lend a hand or mentor a peer to noticeably elevate the business experience.

The dynamics of an employee-owned company empower, challenge, and reward FBS staff in unique ways that influence how our team behaves and acts together. This cascades naturally through our relationships and experiences with client-partners, community and the industry-at-large, reaching beyond the actual software products. And that’s really the space where the difference can be truly felt. FBS is more than a software provider, more than an industry innovator. We’re a company of owners who are 100% vested in the success of our customers and industry – and that’s not something that can be changed. It’s in our DNA.

Until next time,
Kim Prior
twitter: @kimCprior