FBS is integrating DocuSign into flexmls Forms!

Nov 11, 2009 Michael Wurzer

I’m pleased as punch to announce that FBS is integrating DocuSign into our flexmls Forms product.  Here’s the press release from DocuSign.  We expect the new features to be available to our Forms users by the end of the year, if not earlier.

If you’re not familiar with DocuSign, it is a web-based system for getting electronic signatures on your contracts.  But, it’s not just about electronic signatures.  DocuSign has some very powerful workflow functions built into it that just make it easier to get deals signed.

I first started looking into DocuSign when I saw agents I follow on Twitter say great things about it. (that link is more recent, but I couldn’t find the older ones that piqued my interest).  Once I started working with Dave Thorpe at DocuSign, one of the first steps in moving ahead was signing an NDA.  Of course, Dave sent me the contract using DocuSign and the agreement was reviewed, signed and archived in matter of minutes.  I was convinced from that moment that this would be a great addition to our flexmls Forms offering.

Right now, we’re busy mapping out the signature and initial locations on all our forms so they’ll be ready to go at launch.  Sending the documents out will happen right through the flexmls Forms system just as you’re able to email them now.  The difference will be that your customer will now get to review and sign the contracts using DocuSign and we’ll be able to monitor and update the status of the transaction right through your flexmls Forms folders.  This way, you’ll always know who has signed and who is left to sign the documents to finalize them.

We hope our Forms customers are excited about this as we are.  Let us know if you have any questions.