Facing the Future... Together

Jul 24, 2020 Kim Prior

So far, 2020 has proven a wild ride with a few too many big-drop-upside-down-loops for my liking.

One of the most unwelcome twists was the need to transition our annual client Summit from in-person to virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m thrilled to say that we just concluded the final day of our first virtual Summit. Currently fueled by little more than copious coffee and a cocktail of adrenaline, joy and pride, I’ll keep this simple: I am incredibly proud of the experience we delivered to a record-breaking number of our client-partners. From the unique event platform, to the breadth and depth of content delivered to fun, participatory roundtables, we elevated “virtual conference” to “awesome Summit experience that just happened to be virtual” (made possible with the talent and contribution of many FBS employee-owners, led by Event + Experience Manager, Katie Kapel).

As we conclude Summit and integrate back into our daily lives, I wanted to share some parting thoughts. 

Each year at Summit, MLS clients, staff and Board members mix with FBS employee-owners for three days with the shared goals of collaboration, learning and personal connection (aka: fun). During the three days together, a lot of great information is shared (plus food and laughter). The valuable takeaways help guide our actions during the following months, and in the space between Summits, we continue to:

  • Listen deeply for understanding 
  • Engage thoughtfully and respectfully; exploring ideas, challenges and opportunities 
  • Collaborate for solutions
  • Commit and take action on our commitments

As I think about what’s transpired in 2020, I can’t help but feel the full presence of our unwavering commitment to you (our client-partners), to the MLS, and the overall industry. For decades, and more recently through the turbulence during the last four months, we’ve laser-focused on your success; delivering on promises made and leveling-up across the board. This year, amidst the challenging environment, we listened closely to your needs and have improved our responsiveness and service with member communication, providing more dedicated resources, expanding leadership to include more voices, and developing even more MLS expertise within our teams.

We’ve also shown consistent leadership and innovation, constantly refining Flexmls features and user experience, working with Rule 8/Clear Cooperation, providing education and leadership around DOM, swiftly delivering the first virtual open house solution (within days of pandemic restriction onset) and finally, delivering FlōPlan: a product necessary to navigate this new, virtually-driven real estate world that creates a new digital asset and reinforces IP rights for the MLS, Brokers, and Agents (your data, your decisions). 

We’ve done all of this with you, the MLS, beside us and as our true North. While I am certain we’ve made mistakes along the way, I’m equally certain that we’ll continue to listen vigorously, learn quickly and make things right, fully dialed into supporting your core purpose of cooperation to make the market work, fully vested in MLS success.

As Michael Wurzer emphatically shared at the start and end of Summit 2020, we’re here for the long haul; beside you on this journey of both expected and unexpected. We hope our actions instill continued confidence during this time of tremendous change, demonstrating the consistency, courage and forward thinking of a partner that will withstand the storm and lead with you, facing the future… together.

Kim Prior, EVP at FBS