DreamPro: New Release and New Price (Free!)

Apr 25, 2013 Michael Wurzer

DreamPro is one of the best native iPhone and iPad apps in the Spark Store and now it’s even better, both because they’ve added several new features and also because it’s now free (you can get custom branding and referral code options for $15/month).

One of my favorite features of DreamPro is the photo display and search or what I like to refer to as visual search. DreamPro indexes all the photo descriptions and captions and allows then allows you and your customer to browse through and compare the photos of kitchens, master bedrooms, pools, media room, or other key features. We all know that photos sell the house and this visual search takes it to the next level.

Photo Apr 24 8 45 30 PM

The visual search works best in MLSs where the agents have described and captioned photos well, but it’s definitely a cool feature when the descriptions are good and it really highlights the value of great photos for communicating the unique value of each home.

DreamPro has a lot of other cool features, including map search, full screen photo views, and their innovative DreamScore feature for comparing homes based on your customer’s preferences. These are all reasons to download it to your iPad or iPhone today. Did I mention that it’s free?

Update: DreamPro is hosting a webinar on May 1 at 11 a.m. Pacific time. Click here to register.