Diane Tuman of the Zillow Blog asks, how cold is it in Fargo?

Feb 26, 2009 Michael Wurzer

Diane Tuman of the Zillow Blog asks, how cold is it in Fargo?

Cold, Diane, cold!

Here’s what my weather widget shows right now:

screen capture 5

Here’s a picture taken minutes ago from my office window looking out at my Prius in the middle of a near blizzard right now:


See, the weather here stinks, which is why we’re so darn productive and do more than our fair share to boost the economy that all the big city folks seem intent on collapsing.

Even though the winters are rough, we make the most of them by snowmobiling, skiing, skating/hockey, and all sorts of other bravehearted outdoor activities. Here’s a picture of my daughters getting ready to sled down a hill.


And here’s a picture I took of my family at a UND hockey game, which is the best hockey anywhere in the world:


And then we have summers. Fargo borders Minnesota and is just an hour from some excellent lakes both in Minnesota and North Dakota. Here’s a picture taken last summer from my dock at our lake place in Minnesota (all of these pictures were taken with a phone, which is why they largely stink):


The kids have school off tomorrow for conferences, and so I may head off to Alexandria with my youngest daughter for some skiing with the fresh snow. It’ll be cold, but we’ll have fun!

P.S. A little known fact about the movie Fargo is that none of it was actually filmed in Fargo. They came here to film the opening sequence, but there was no snow and so they had to go further north to find some. Also, only the opening scene was placed in Fargo. The rest of the movie takes place in Minneapolis and Brainerd, MN.