Craig Mische, Videotaping Listings In All Seasons

Jan 23, 2008 Michael Wurzer

Agent Highlights: This is the second in what may become a series of posts highlighting real estate agents we know who are blogging or pursuing other interesting approaches to their real estate business. Most of the posts probably will focus on FBS clients, because that’s who we know best, but we’re certainly not limiting ourselves to that, so send us a note if you’ve got an interesting approach you’d like us to highlight.

Craig Mische, an agent in Alexandria, MN, hits a lot of high notes with me. First, he loves the Minnesota lakes as much as I do. Second, he’s a hockey player, which always ranks high in my book. Third, Craig’s experimenting with lots of web 2.0 tools, including writing a blog, Twitter and video. In five of Craig’s listings, he’s trying several video styles: one with music, no voice over; a couple with voice over, even as he tromps through the deep snow; and another short video of a lake lot.


A bit of unsolicited advice: more editing could be done to make some of the videos more to the point and the one of the vacant lot could have used more narration and highlights. I loved the one tromping through the snow, though, because it really shows one of the most important parts of the property, namely how the home sits in relation to the other homes in the development. Too many agents would try to hide that fact and Craig makes it crystal clear in a video. I think that’s the kind of transparency that builds trust. Very cool.