Congratulations to Troy Davisson and the other new RESO Board Members

Oct 31, 2009 Michael Wurzer

The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) announced the results of the Board of Directors election this last week, and I’m very happy to report that Troy Davisson from FBS was elected to a two-year term.  Troy has been a tireless advocate of RETS and contributed to many work groups over the years.  Troy brings both server and client developer perspectives to the Board and will make a great contribution.

Congratulations also to Mary Frances Adams (Trend MLS), Paula O’Brien (consultant), and Steve Clarke (Marketlinx) on being elected, and a big shout-out to Kristen Carr (Bridge) for being the first RESO director to be re-elected.  Here’s the entire RESO Board for 2010:
Mary Frances Adams – New
Pat Bybee
Kristen Carr – Reelected
Steve Clarke – New
Troy Davisson – New
Sergio DelRio
John Holley
Mark Lesswing
Chris McKeever
Paula O’Brien – New
Paul Stusiak
Mark Wise

I’m hopeful this Board is able to leverage the energy in the community around data standards and prioritize this work to provide a path for MLSs wanting to standardize.  I’ve mentioned this many times, but there are efforts going on in many parts of the country and all these efforts would greatly benefit from some standards to start work from and point toward.