Cheers to Retirement, Susan Young!

Aug 17, 2020 Katie Kapel

“It’s a relationship business,” succinctly said by my good friend Chris Carrillo on a recent Listing Bits episode.

I met Susan Young in 2007. Actually, if I recall the exact situation it was a Supra Party during Mid-Year and someone (those details are fuzzy) came up to me and said my “Aunt” was looking for me.

The individual walked me over to a group of people and in the middle of them was Susan. I laughed and said to the person, “I’m not Brian Young, I’m Matty Epstein.” Susan gave me a big hug and said, “Well, you are family now!”.

11 years later, we began working together at FBS. I had the pleasure of witnessing Susan chat with her industry colleagues as if they were her family, knowing all there is to know about their lives, latest trips, and so on. After all, the MLS business is a relationship business.

After 20 plus years in our industry, Susan will be hanging up her briefcase to enjoy an occasional rum runner in the Florida Keys, or an Ohio State Football tailgate with family, friends, and my ol’ pal Rex. All of us at FBS wish her the best of everything in her retirement.


Matty Epstein, “your other nephew”
Director of MLS Sales