Building Web Applications

May 25, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Here’s a blog post on O’Reilly suggesting that sticking to web conventions for web apps (e.g., gmail) is better than trying to emulate the desktop UI for web apps (e.g., Zimbra). Interesting. I don’t think I agree. I think users want a full desktop UI in their web apps (drag and drop, etc.), and have just been willing to put up with the limited web UI because of the benefits of anywhere, anytime access. I especially think this is true in daily use business applications like MLS systems or contact management systems (e.g., Salesforce, etc.). What do you think, should web apps be limited to the web UI or shoot for more of a desktop UI?

Tangentially, here’s a post about not letting marketing derail the software development process with too many incremental “wouldn’t it be great if(s)…” As we march toward our next major release this fall, I best remember that. I’m hopeful our clients and developers will help me stay focused on what’s important as I want more and more and more! 😉