At Inman NYC this week? Join us for a discussion on MLS data standards!

Jan 10, 2012 Michael Wurzer

Though my headline may seem like a bad joke or a terrible way to get over a hangover, I’m hopeful Rebecca Jensen and I will be able to surprise those who come to our session on MLS data standards at the Inman Connect conference in New York City this week. The session is intended to be a discussion about how the industry can implement the data standards being developed by the Real Estate Standards Organization and what innovations may stem from the new standards. Here’s the description of the session by Inman:

Data Standards: Building the Momentum

Standards are finally gaining steam. RESO, CMLS and a group of industry visionaries are charging hard. This workshop will lay out a path for accelerated progress in 2012.

Rebecca and I hope to engage the audience on a variety of questions, including what new innovations (products, processes, cost savings) will be possible with data standards implemented across MLSs. We’ll be pitching in our own thoughts but mostly hope to get a conversation going.

We’re now well past the point of realizing why data standards are important and now is the time to lay down some concrete ideas for what new innovations might occur as data standards are implemented. Please join us for the discussion and bring your ideas!