Amidst the storm, a calm

Mar 15, 2007 Michael Wurzer

I said in my first post that this blog was going to be about MLS, software and employee ownership. Recently, the posts have focused on MLS, but here’s a quick interlude about employee ownership.

I am inspired by Greg Swann’s recent post on splendor versus squalor, which concludes “sooner or later we each of us have to make a choice…” Indeed. The blessing and curse of being human. Free will. Freedom. Opportunity — to succeed or fail. These ideas are at the core of FBS.

Immediately following Greg’s post, my reader fed me another delicious post (now I know why they call them feed readers) from Larry Cragun about investing in you. That’s FBS, too. We made a choice at FBS a few years ago to invest in each of us, together.

You see, FBS is a 100% employee-owned company. We’re all investing in ourselves and each other. That’s the beauty of employee-ownership, especially 100% employee ownership; each is invested in the whole. For me, both personally and as the CEO of FBS, there is nothing more powerful in life than the interleaving of self and others. Everyone should work for themselves; everyone should work for something beyond themselves. That’s an ownership society.