Aaron Anglin

Sep 25, 2007 Michael Wurzer

Lani Anglin is one of the writers at the Bloodhound Blog as well as her own R.E. Revealed and Beautiful Chaos.  Tragically, Lani’s brother, Aaron, was killed in a car accident this past Sunday.  Aaron’s wife, Aleisha, and two children, Eleanore (1) and McKenzie (6 weeks!), were in the car with Aaron but survived.   You can help Aaron’s family by making a donation.

I don’t know Aaron or his family personally, but I do share with him having recently been confirmed in the Catholic faith.  Through the confirmation process, I learned a lot but mostly reaffirmed my core belief that God is love.  Just a month or so after I was confirmed, my father-in-law, Henry (one of the big inspirations to my seeking confirmation), passed away after a tragic accident.  Henry’s passing has been and continues to be very painful for all of us, and only bearable due to the love we shared with him.

Often, after a tragic loss, people console by saying that “it’s God’s plan” or something along those lines.  Before Henry’s passing, this would make me cringe, for I’ve never believed that “God” plans anything of the such.  Following Henry’s death, though, it struck me that what people really mean by this is that facing painful moments like these is a blessing because, later, it allows you to empathize and love others when they encounter similar pain.  Without having experienced that pain yourself, reaching out in love isn’t as easy if it’s possible at all.  This is just one of the many ways that God is love.

So, though I don’t know Aaron or Lani or their family, I do love them.  And I cry with them.