Payload Payoff

Jun 21, 2007 Michael Wurzer

This post is a note of thanks to everyone participating in the RETS payload review sessions the last few days:

  • Paul Stusiak and Gina Accawi of Falcon Technologies were great leaders, keeping us on track while fostering good dialog.
  • Shawn Meissner, Rick Herrera and the rest of the Move team for coordinating and funding the meeting location.
  • All the other participants for your respectful contributions. I felt everyone was very collegial, which produced a positive atmosphere solicitous of diverse opinions.

I hope others who attended feel as I do that significant progress was made the last two days, building on the earlier work done at the Rockville, MD, meeting in May. As Paul said in the meeting introduction, the current pace puts us on track to have the community vote on the member (agent) and office payloads in August and the bigger listing and property payloads in December.

To keep the ball rolling, the payloads work group will be meeting again in July in Minneapolis or Chicago. If you’re an MLS interested in data standards, you should consider sending a representative. Some progress also has been made on a web-based commenting system and hopefully we’ll have that complete by August to get broad community feedback before the December meeting but you can have input now by attending one of the upcoming meetings. Just keep your eye on for details.

It’s not often in-person meetings are productive. Generally, I loathe them. This meeting was a clear exception and, for that, I’m thankful.