14 years of Gratitude, Growth and Inspiration

Mar 18, 2015 Michael Wurzer

Each year as the Clareity Annual MLS Survey results are released, FBS is honored to consistently earn top customer satisfaction ratings. This year, for the 14th year in a row, we’re once again proud of our high ranking. In 2014, 100% of our customers rated us positively for both staff and end-user satisfaction; and, “excellent” ratings outweighed the “good”.

As we reflect, three things really stand out:

First, we’re grateful to our customers for trusting and inspiring us while giving us the opportunity to rise up to new challenges, solve problems and, increase member value, year after year.

Second, customer voice drives development and improvement at FBS. We welcome feedback (in all ways) and, definitely absorbed the specific input on areas of improvement in this year’s Clareity Survey. Keep it coming and, we’ll keep getting better.

Third, As employee owners in a 100% employee-owned company, each of us are vested in, empowered to and passionate about delivering the absolute best products with the most personal, professional service possible. That owner-mentality infuses our culture and is part of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is the true measure of how well we’re doing. Consistent results like this inspire us as we forge ahead!

To our customers, FAN (Flexmls Advisory Group), industry counterparts and friends: cheers to another great year. We’re proud to serve you, grateful to hear from you and excited about what’s come.