The Fully Mobile Future of Listing Entry

Flexmls enhancements driven by hundreds of hours of user research to make

the listing experience more collaborative, integrated and efficient.

Begin a Listing from Anywhere

Start a listing from your mobile device using your physical location or an address. Location fields can be auto-populated ensuring data accuracy. Easily track the progress of your listing with the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Save Time by Auto-Populating Listing Data

Simplify listing entry by auto-populating tax data, HOA information, GIS, Subdivision, Green Fields, and more.

Increase Data Integrity with Integrated FlōPlan

Start an incomplete listing from Flо̄Plan including auto-populating location data.

Team Collaboration

Speed up listing entry by sharing listing access with collaborators such as media providers, your assistant, the home seller, or any other professionals you work with while creating a listing.

Listing Entry Made Faster and Easier

Clearly see your MLS’s required fields, while you’re on the go, so you can get your listing active as soon as possible.