Flexmls for iPhone v1.6 Coming Soon

Sep 24, 2014 Michael Wurzer

Apple now allows app vendors to include a 30-second or shorter “preview video” in the App Store to entice users to download the app. We’ve just submitted version 1.6 of Flexmls for iPhone to Apple for approval and so we took a stab at the preview video. We learned 30 seconds is very little time to demonstrate software.


Look for the new version to hit the app store in the next week or two (depending on Apple’s review queue). The new version has some really great usability improvements and new features, including:

Easier and Faster “Map Search”:
– Combines the previous Nearby and Quick Search into a single search called Map Search.
– Just one tap on Map Search and you’ll see nearby listings
– Simplified “Draw on Map” directly on the initial map view without going to another screen
– Filter by any other criteria from your quick search templates directly from the map search

Improved Filtering:
– Filter searches by Open House and Tour of Home dates
– Filter searches by particular offices or members

Better Security with 2-step Verification:
– This version now supports 2-step verification, which you can turn on in Flexmls Web under Preferences and Security.
– We strongly encourage you to add 2-step verification to your account to protect your account and because it allows you to be logged into at least three devices (desktop, tablet, phone) at one time without logging you out of the other sessions.

Improved View Options:
– Select and email listings right from the “List View”
– Select and share directly from a more streamlined “Map Summary View”
– Improved “Detail View” allows you to move to the next or previous listing

Improved Action Bar:
– Re-designed to better prioritize actions and show existing recommended and favorite listings when you’re viewing listings for a particular customer

Simplified Hot Sheet:
– Now filters are on a separate filters page making for a cleaner view